This exhibition was in process for two years and is a combination of my work abroad at Thread, an artist’s residency in Senegal, West Africa, and Gather:Make:Shelter, a citywide creative collaborative in Portland, OR. Both projects aim to enrich the lives of those in their community through creative practice and artistic pursuits with a focus on collaboration, engagement, skill-building, and connection. All of this work is related as I weave together life and work, which is a direct response to the energetic ties between all of us, thus lessening the miles between us conceptually and physically. It is increasingly important to me that all of my work, no matter its form, moves towards light, weaving us together and creating levity and beauty along the way.

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Contemplative Practice

Curator Courtney Gilbert invited me to create two site specific installations at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts as part of the Contemplative Practice Exhibition 2017. Included in this exhibition was the second incarnation of the envelope project (first was at the Hoffman Gallery in Portland, Oregon) which solicited things participants wanted to clear. During a ceremony at the exhibition the envelopes were burned and the mica circle remnants remained as a collective memory of everyone’s intentions for clarity both personally and globally.

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As Above, So Below

A site-specific installation for the San Juan Islands Museum of Art. Several components composed the installation including a temporary painting on the entire glass “skin" of the atrium in which I wrapped the building in hundreds of prayer beads. Indicative of the contemplative practices of many cultures worldwide these particular images were intended to be a prayer for the health of the Salish Sea that surrounds the islands.

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Landscapes of the Inner Eye

A 365-day diaristic project that began and finished on the Autumnal Equinox. The project combines photographs taken daily with an additional layer of drawing embedded in the photographs using a simple digital drawing tablet. These drawings are the physical manifestation of the energy I felt in each place. As the year progressed the project's focus became one of my intimate collaboration with nature. This is a project I am interested in continuing to explore while in residence in other locations.

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La Grande Robe

This project is dedicated to the women of Sinthian, Senegal, where I created this work in an artist residency at Thread, a project of the Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation. The project consists of two dresses and videos of the women working and children dancing. With La Grande Robe, my intention is for people around the world to see this installation and appreciate these powerful, beautiful, creative women; their work; and primarily, their humanity, which comes forward in all of their encounters and activities.

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Portland Winter Light Festival

The Portland Winter Light Festival is an annual event of the Willamette Light Brigade, a non-profit arts organization. The festival is presented to the public for free, and builds community by bringing art and technology to inclusive audiences while invigorating Portland in the winter.

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A mixed media installation of digitally embedded photography as well as mixed media sculpture, which is based in acts of drawing and seeks to transport viewers to new mental and physical landscapes as they move amongst the work.

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A multimedia installation for a Tri-Met light rail station inspired by the renovation of a stream bed nearby where salmon have returned. Viewers encounter different art interventions at day and night as well as seasonal changes.

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Clearing- Movie

CLEARING 2014 One Person Exhibition at The Hoffman Gallery at Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon A 24 min video of moving clouds captured over an 8-month period as Louis…

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WISH-2014 7’x7’x8’ cast aluminum and blown glass, fiber optic lighting Oregon State Hospital Junction City, Oregon Sculpture indicative of a "wish" that hangs in the same room as the glass…



Whisper, 2010 paper,mirrors,paint ink,steel,glass 20’ x 20’ x 20’ Installation entitled Whisper . Viewers are literally intergrated into the room of drawing and shadows incorporating hanging mobiles, and over 100…

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A Delicate Wandering

A Delicate Wandering, 2009 glass,mica steel,bells,wood,paint,mirrors 14’ x 8’ x 8’ The mobile and painted mirror installation, alludes to the energy of the students at the college and their path…

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Faith Suspended

Faith: Suspended, One person exhibition at The Art Gym, Marylhurst University,Oregon 2007 glass,beads,rice paper,sumi ink,mica,oil drawings,wire 22’ x 45’ x 45’ This installation integrates drawing and sculptural work that suggests…


Suspended Migration

Suspended Migration, Portland Oregon City Hall Atrium, 2005 glass,beads,mica,velvet,oil drawings,sculptural wire forms 62’ x 27’ x 27’ The four-story multi-media installation is a visual poem that alludes to transformation, life,…



PROPAGATION, College Housing Northwest, Portland Oregon, 1999 Bronze,water, ceramic, concrete 12’ x 7’ x 7’ This fountain is at the entrance of a student housing center and references the life…


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